What does it mean to you, to be “noticed,”?

What does it mean to you, to be “noticed,”?

As I was looking at some online posts and videos, I was thinking to myself; “Wow, this person has over a million hits!” Why don’t I? To be honest, I’m not sure how these millions of views are even obtained? Some of what I see, doesn’t appear all that special, to me? Are these views paid for? Am I just missing the point? I guess, it really doesn’t matter? Then, I started to look back at how I have evolved as a musician. I really don’t like to talk about my accomplishments, although, I may have to mention a few here, for this discussion.

In my early days, I touted that I was not “Just another YouTube drummer.” I never thought about getting a lot of hits on my videos until I noticed that some others were? Instead, I have concentrated on showing my technique, timing, and “playing for the song,” over popularity. In fact, I hate it when my dad (my manager) promotes me out loud to others or tells me, “Hand them a biz card.” I guess I don’t like the immediate attention? Maybe, I should start? Because, somehow, certain people have noticed me. Not a million or anything like that but, I guess a few of the “right,” people?

I’ve been blessed with some nice writeups in “Tom Tom Magazine,” “DRUM Magazine,” and “International Musician,” to name a few. I have also been nominated for “Texas State Artist, State Musician.” I’ve played the Central Stage at NAMM 2016. And, I was also recently asked to go on tour with American Idol, Dalton Rapattoni, although, I was too young, according to the contract.

So, I guess while some companies like to see millions of hits in order to work with you, I can point to a few articles, that, to me, are equally as important. I’m still not sure how to get a million views on YouTube? But, is that where it’s really at? Does it really mean anything? You tell me? Am I on the right track? Please, let me hear your opinions?

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  1. Self promotion is key to staying on the radar and I’d say investing for a good “Press pack” is in order here. Get a good photographer, make up some good cards and hit the shows.
    NAMM is always a good way to spread the word to drum companies directly. I handed out many cards to those who asked (and to some who didn’t). I call it the Johnny Appleseed plan: Throw out a bunch and see what grows your way.

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