About Me…

My Approach

For the past 14 years, I’ve refined my technique and musicianship while taking it upon myself to still be a kid and try and make a difference in the world. The result of my labors is a string of successful performances, requests to perform on albums, play for various churches all over the US, along with audience applause and a spot of critical acclaim!

My Story

I can say humbly and without ego that I’m not your average musician. Born February 9, 2000, I started my musical training at the age of 3 on coffee cans that my father brought home from the family restaurant.

It was clear from the moment I was born that music was to be my destiny. Almost as soon as my father cut the cord, he was teaching me how to hold a pair of drumsticks and keep 4/4 time. This paved the way for my more formal training and…a real drum kit!

At age 6, I received my first kit and at 7, I was playing in the band at a 5000 member mega-church.  I am now 17 and have played well over 600 live performances, recorded in Nashville and L.A., played the Center Stage at NAMM 2016, done studio work with musicians all over the world,  and released 2 collaborative songs with a band in Australia.


Artist Endorsements

I am an Artist Endorser for:

  • Audix Microphones
  • Soultone Cymbals
  • AHEAD Drumsticks and Accessories
  • Pearl Drums
  • Remo Drum Heads
  • 64 Audio In-Ear Monitors
  • The Kelly SHU
  • Black Widow Drum Web
  • GoPro Cameras
  • QSC Recording Equipment
  • Drum Dial
  • Drumtacs
  • TruTuner!

Meet the Team

These are the people that are instrumental (pardon the pun) in helping me strive to be the best that I can be, and who believe in my dream!

David Osmar, Principal, Artist Integrity Management at Studio-“G”.

David has been a musician in hobby and trade for most of his life; starting on drums at age 5, then guitar at 15 years old. With more than 40 years in and with the music industries, he has the experience and understanding to help you succeed in the music business.



Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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