Playing Center Stage-NAMM 2016

Playing Center Stage-NAMM 2016

Well, we had one rehearsal the night prior to our performance.  In fact, that one rehearsal was actually our first meeting in person!  I was asked by Delphi Freeman to lay down drum tracks to about 12-14 songs for a possible opportunity to play on stage at NAMM 2016.  Evidently, she liked what I did because the next thing I know is I was invited to back Delphi as her drummer.  She has some incredible Indie/Pop music that she has composed.  She’s also an awesome singer with her own unique voice.   We meet quite a few people at NAMM that heard that one or the other of us was playing the Center Stage.  Past friends and musicians, engineers, photographers, magazines, and web administrators.  One web administrator, “Bermuda Schwartz”, from heard that I was going to be playing and took time from his commitments at Ludwig’s booth to come out to the stage, introduce himself and stay for a few songs.  He told me he would write a review about our show after he got back.  It was a really good review and I’m blessed to have met him.  So, I wanted to post the link so that any of you could read it and post your own comments on if you like?  Here is the link to the review:


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