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"SL8" Original with Demetrio Scopelliti
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"All Day" - Video
"All Day" with Delphi Freeman
Recorded at Soultone Cymbals Studio in Encino, CA just after NAMM 2016!

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​I'm excited that you've found my website!


This is my official website, created for all of my fans to keep up with my very hectic and sometimes borderline exhausting musical happenings. I've been blessed to make my living doing what many dream of but few actually do — perform music to admiring audiences across the United States and the world. I'm honored that you're joining me!

 Whether I'm in the studio working on new songs for myself or a client or touring, this is the one place you can always go to know the latest with me and my music. I'll be working hard to keep the information on my site current, topical, and fun. So peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something fun is going to pop up here for your music enjoyment!

     Drumming: A universal language...

"In Every Breath"
"This Feeling"
My first interpretation and collaboration release. Enjoy!


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"Hit 'em Like You Live!"

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"This Feeling"
"In Every Breath"
My second collaboration with Banana Nightmare from Brisbane Australia.  High Energy with provoken thought in spoken word at the end. Enjoy!

Gina "G" 

Independent Session & Touring Drummer/Percussionist