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“Gina not only has chops and an impeccable sense of time, but she comes prepared. And with a great attitude.

If I were you, I’d hire her!!”

Fletch Wiley, Grammy™ award-winning arranger, and multi-platinum award-winning composer, producer, and performer. August 21, 2018


“I had the pleasure of meeting Drummergirl “G” today when she was performing at NAMM.

First, Gina is a sweetheart, and her dad was there helping with gear and shooting photos and videos of the performance.

Second, Gina is really good! And I won’t qualify that with “… for a 15-year-old.” She is simply really good! Great time, and great playing with the right parts and appropriate fills. She slams, but she uses dynamics well, with a very smooth technique around the kit. I do need to cite her age when I say that she’s seasoned well beyond her years. I couldn’t have done any better on that gig, and she added the kind of fresh flair that I think I’ve forgotten along the way.

I ended up staying longer than planned and caught 7 songs or so. Excellent playing Gina, you have a bright future ahead!

Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz (drummer: Weird Al Yankovic) Jan. 2016)


“With professional chops way beyond her age, Gina Osmar of Local 433 (Austin, TX) is making a name for herself in her local music market, as well as nationally.” – International Musician Journal, December 2015

Teen Launches Professional Drumming Career

“Just check out a few of the clips on G’s website, and you’ll see the control and poise of a player well beyond her years… It would be easy to call G an up-and-comer but, she’s already there.”  -DRUM Magazine, November 2015


“At only 13 years old, Gina “G” Osmar has left well-respected musicians and producers wanting more and asking her to contribute to their albums. She has played more than 400 live shows and has been asked to be a session drummer for well-known country artists. She is also an Artist Endorser for Soultone Cymbals and Pearl Drums. Gina has emerged as a young artist and caught our eye here at TomTom. Don’t let her age fool you. This girl rocks!”

– Jenifer Ruano, Editor: Tom Tom Magazine (Jun 20, 2013)


“Audix Newest…and, Youngest Artist!  An Interview with Gina Marie Osmar…Audix’s newest artist is a drummer who is building a significant recording and YouTube resume with sold techniques, deep musical knowledge, and a singular dedication to the art and craft of drumming. It may surprise you that Gina Marie Osmar is a 12-year-old, sports-playing school kid, but to a growing group of musical collaborators from L.A., Nashville, and Australia, the secret has been out for some time! -Cliff Castle, V.P. Sales, Audix Microphones (Apr 01, 2013)


Texas State Artist-StateMusician Nomination

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Gina Marie Osmar. I have known Gina since early 2011 when, due to her exceptional talent and dedication displayed at such an early age, she was offered an endorsement by Soultone Cymbals. Since then, Gina has continued to be a great asset to our company and a great percussionist among our many talented artists. Unlike other young artists, Gina has been very persistent and passionate to follow her dreams and to continuously improve upon her talents.

Aside from her passion for music, Gina has also been very involved in helping those less fortunate and supporting her community and she is a real role model and positive example for others to follow. I highly recommend Gina for the Texas State Artist – State Musician award. I think she is a very promising musician and she will be an inspiration for many such your artists in Texas and all over the world.


Iki Levy, Owner – Soultone Cymbals”

Texas State Artist-StateMusician Nomination (Oct 22, 2012)


“The drumming recording for this song, “This Feeling” is performed by 12-year-old girl Gina “G” Osmar of the United States. “G” was able to capture the essence of the song, maintaining its feeling whilst adding in her own valuable variations. This will hopefully be the first of many collaborations between this young drummer, with talent beyond her years, and “Banana Nightmare”!”

– Steve Stankevicius, Banana Nightmare (Liner Notes) “This Feeling” song release. (Sep 15, 2012)